Blue Wave Theory: CD
  • Blue Wave Theory: CD
  • Blue Wave Theory: CD
  • Blue Wave Theory: CD


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The debut album by Blue Wave Theory starts off in a decidedly retro-esque Dick Dale / Pulp Fiction vein with "Gumby Goes Green" and then immediately takes a left turn with the more progressive "Huckster", featuring a lengthy drum solo workout, and a surreal space jam. Other tracks, like the psychedelic "Mermaid in Japan", venture into Mermen territory by way of Pink Floyd - you can almost get stoned just by listening, and you can almost hear the guitar pick disintegrating. The moody riff of "Labyrinth" is reminiscent of early King Crimson's more mathematical moments, adding the pomp and big chord drama of progressive metal during the transitions. The album ends by returning to a more traditional surf sound with "Skyhawk Beach" and the punk-inspired "Road Hazard".

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